Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lily Donaldson

I've become a little obsessed with watching Model specials on FTV of late - I find it mesmerising. These are women who are so incredibly beautiful, each in their own unique way that it's almost hypnotic to watch.
It's very important to me that I'm surrounded by beauty, whether it be clothes, friends, family, what I watch/read, my home - I just want life to be beautiful, not necessarily just materialistically, but from a soul aspect as well.

I also really enjoy the snippets of backstage interviews. So often now we see models faces in all the publications and blogs we read, but very rarely do they have a voice. Which is a shame really, because they've got some pretty inspiring things to say.

My model obsession for today: Lily Donaldson. Shot in Paris by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue China, November 2009.

On a side note, I feel that this shoot embodies all that I love about a Paris and all that I wish I was.

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