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Have A Fab Week My Lovelies

It's such a simple idea but one that I often forget. Whatever your up to this week, I hope it puts a smile on your face. Much Love xx

The Creative Genius That Is Lucia

(Image via Google Images)

Lucia to Edie:
" Maybe we can just buy a massive amount of tulle and you can frolic in it all day... Then I can throw glitter at you every now and then and you can frolic some more...THEN I can throw some water on you and you can frolic in tulle, glitter and water! "

Top 10 Sex and the City Fashion Moments

As I'm sure most women with a fashion heartbeat know, the release of Sex and the City 2 is fast approaching. So taking into consideration mine and Lucia's love and adoration of 'Top 10's', we thought we would pay tribute to one (or some) of the most influential style icons of the past 10 years. By that we mean, Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York, Miranda Hobbs, Samantha Jones, Patricia Field and of course the always magical New York City....

Number 1:
Carrie in Pink Ruffle Cascade Christian Louboutin's

(Image via Weardrobe)

They say that every girl remembers her first time and for me, I have to say this is it.
For the record: by first time, I mean the first time she see's a pair of shoes and knows that she will never forget them. In fact unless said shoes are acquired, I would go so far as to say they will often be considered 'the pair that got away'.
I remember seeing these shoes when 'I Heart NY' aired in 2002 and fell in love suede ruffles *sigh*.
An impressionable 18 year old back then and now 8 years on, I could think of nothing else for my number 1 SATC moment. L.O.V.E.
To quote Carrie upon first seeing these sweet heart shoes: "Hello Lover."

Number 2:
Carrie in Vivienne Westwood

(Image via The Fash Pack)

It's extremely rare for me to not have a very strong or assured opinion on why I do or don't love something, but I can't honestly pin point why exactly I D.I.E for this dress.
Maybe it's the high, feminine glamour, but at the same time has a touch of the quirky Westwood we've come to love. It's like the perfect fantasy 'cupcake' wedding dress but for a girl with fashion credibility. The champagne-ey, beige in contrast to a pure cream. If I was a big wedding kind of gal this dress would most definitely be on the short list, it's a whole other level of divine.

Number 3:
Carrie in Versace

(Image via Fashion Mag Daily)

Lucia will laugh at this...
For those who don't know me, it needs to be said that I have a small obsession with tulle and in absence of that, big volumeous, Cinderella gowns. So needless to say, when I saw this Seafoam 1000 layer Versace gown my heart literally skipped a beat.
How divinely decadent and some what romantic to be in Paris waiting for your lover to return, whilst sleeping delicately amongst your layers and layers of Versace silk. One may start to think that sleeping in Haute Couture is exactly how life should be.

Number 4:
Carrie in Christian Dior

This dress first appeared in Season 3 and has just recently been resurrected for the second movie, which is were this picture was taken.
Classic John Galliano, I mean who else would be as bold and egotistical enough to make a dress with Christian Dior Daily and his face splashed over the front- Really,is this not why we adore him?! Simply put, genius.
SJP's looks amazing in this, now and when she first wore it 9 years ago - her body is bananas.

Number 5:
Charlotte in Badgley Mischka

(Image via Weardrobe)

I never really lusted after Charlotte's first Vera Wang wedding gown, whilst there's no denying it was beautiful I felt like it was a little predictable and not particularly fashion forward or surprising.
This Badgley Mischka however, is absolutely breathtaking. Much more Charlotte and much more of what we had come to expect from SATC, for surely no one could predict she would wear this gown.
This picture doesn't really do it justice, but the simplicity and elegance of the design teamed with the slim silhouette, even down to the criss cross ribbon detail across the top of the gown is just beautiful.

Number 6:
Carrie in Vivienne Westwood

(Image via I Like Her Style)

Vivienne Westwood pinstripe suit and nude patent leather Manolo Blahnik pumps...four words: "I'm drunk at Vogue." That's all.

Number 6:
Carrie in Paco Rabanne

(Image via Fashion Mag Daily)

Oh how I die for this outfit! SJP totally knocks it out of the ball park in this beige Paco Rabanne dress.
I can't say that if it wasn't paired with this Cosabella bra that I would have liked it as much. I feel like this is the magic that is Patricia Field, pairing what would ordinarily be a beautiful dress and then teaming it with an embroidered exposed bra turns it into a whole other look...cutting edge, fashion forward, sexy - Immaculate. And the hair! Just looking at it has left me with a sad case of hair envy.

Number 7:
Carrie in Balenciaga

(Image via Fashion Mag Daily)

The colour palette for this entire look is insanity, incredibly french and incredibly glamorous! From the Balenciaga gown to the LaCroix Coat and lets not forget the Christian Louboutin pumps - which may I say, are the only white shoes, that don't give me rage at the sight of them. J'adore.

Number 8:
Carrie in Christian Dior

(Image via Maiden Luxe)

For me, this choice isn't about the outfit - though it's totally something I would wear - but more so about the Christian Dior Saddle Bag. One word: Iconic.
Season 3 was all about the Saddle Bag for Carrie and the many variations paraded through out.
I was head over heels in love with this bag and like Carrie, wanted one in every different style and fabric. I had to settle for just one, but I have never lost my love for it. A Saddle bag is forever.

Number 9:
Carrie in a Vintage Tutu

Aaaah where it all began. I feel like there's no other outfit that embodies the relationship between SATC and Patricia Field more than this one. In a time where vintage was not yet the obsession that it is now and we were a little less open minded when it came to styling an outfit.
I feel like this was the beginning of the designer/vintage mash up.

Number 10:
Carrie in Badgley Mischka

(Image via G&R's Wedding Blog)

There's not much I can say about this SATC moment because it's one that broke my heart - the moment we said goodbye to Aiden.
In a beautiful white corseted Badgley Mischka bridal dress and Aiden looking handsome in a tux; Aiden fans watched as the wedding that would never be, was fashionably played out right in front of our so bittersweet and the closest we would get to ever get to seeing Carrie as a bride through out the TV series.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary My Love

The year has gone by so quickly but my love for you is timeless xo

Friday, January 29, 2010

An Opinion On The Matter...Kate Moss

Let me preffice this by saying how much I love & adore Kate Moss....
But seriously? Why would someone who is well into her battle with the signs of ageing, dye her hair a colour that is so distinctly one of those ageing characteristics we all try to avoid? So, so unflattering.

So having said that and now feeling a little guilty about my negativeness surrounding Miss Moss, I feel the need to post a picture that will make us remember why we all adore her in the first place... Oh, and simply couldn't resist including Johnny Depp.

(Photo via Arastyle)

It's A Sad Day When... see a pic of Kate Moss and are not blown away. Could it be that she has lost some of the magic?

These Shoes In My Size Please

Introducing.....Michetti Daniele

In all seriousness; what girl can resist a shoe full of sparkle? BUT, to then add a sprinkling of diamantes to the soles as well....quite literally a whole other level of desire.

(Photo via SHOELUST)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Love

(Photos by One Love Photo)
Weddings shot by One Love Photo kill me! Divine! Breathtaking!
Is it wrong to renew your vows just to wear a better dress???

SAG Awards 2010 - Top 5 Worst Dressed

Number 1 -

Lucia's Pick: Penelope Cruz in L’Wren Scott

(Photo via Just Jared)

Edie's Pick: Christina Hendricks in Carolina Herrara

(Photo via Just Jared)

Lucia: Penelope please stop trying to impress Sophia Loren. Your young, your hot, please dress with some pizazz. Whilst you do look very pretty I am tired of the black and tired of the nanna length. Your on notice.

Edie: Dowdy, dowdy dowdy. Such a worst dressed repeat offender. Not only does she seem to have the cunning ability to pick colours that clash heinously with her hair colour, but she has managed (again) to pick a dress that's cut in such a way it makes her large chest and curvaceous figure a liability. And really; red shoes with this dress, was it not red enough??

Number 2 -

Lucia's Pick: Justin Timberlake in Dolce & Gabbana

(Photo via Just Jared)

Edie's Pick: Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier

(Photo via Just Jared)

Lucia: Horrible. There are so many amazing suits for men I simply don't understand this choice.

Edie: First thing I thought of when I saw this entire look: Josie-Grossie in Never Been Kissed. Her hair, whilst I'm sure is an attempt at shabby chic, looks more shabby shite. And her make-up: I have never been a fan of a nude lip, but this is beyond that; this is an exact match to her skin tone, resulting in a very distinct lack of lip. Re: The dress I think it would have looked amazing on anyone else, but in this case was completely overshadowed by the entire look.

Number 3 - A mutual decision

Vera Farmiga in J. Mendel

(Photo via Just Jared)

Lucia: Disappointing. Not the best fit for her. Seems to be something strange going on with the top half of her dress.

Edie: There's no chance she could look any more beige (in a bad way) and frumpy. There are no words for what a poor choice this was. The colour against her pale skin ends up making her look pasty instead of elegant and I feel like the fit of this dress isn't flattering for her figure. The gaudy blue eye make-up, matched with orange red lips is surely one for the 'what were they thinking' files, I mean did she do her own make-up?

Number 4 -

Lucia's Pick: Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Dolce & Gabbana

(Photo via Just Jared)

Edie's Pick: Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen

(Photo via Just Jared)

Lucia: Horrible. Not flattering. Too harsh makeup and hair. Hate the mermaid style in this fabric.

Edie: 2 words: Event inappropriate. This dress would be far better served at a movie premiere or even an MTV Awards type event. And sadly, whilst I adore Alexander McQueen I feel like this is a little too science fiction/buggy for me. Her hair looks like some kind of up do from a deep south prom and why doesn't anyone tell her that her hair is a brassy shade of yellow? I'm in pain just looking at it. I'm not a fan of her at all and outfits like this certainly don't help the cause. What I will do though, is give a shout out of love & appreciation for her Pierre Hardy platform sandals. To D.I.E.

Number 5 -

Lucia's Pick: Michelle Monaghan in Calvin Klein

(Photos via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Edie's Pick: Paula Patton in J. Mendel

(Photos via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Lucia: Stunning hair. Oh so shiny. I've stared at the dress for half an hour and cannot work it out. What is it made of? Why would such a beautiful woman choose something so shapeless?

Edie: Ok, so I do feel a little bit guilty because I know she's pregnant and all, but in this day and fashion age that's really no excuse. I believe it was this time last year (or the year before), that a very pregnant Jessica Alba wore a grape Marchesa frock with beautiful feather detail around the top and totally knocked it out of the ball park. This really makes Paula look fat, not pregnant. I do love the dress, but think that if it was on a slimmer/non-pregnant person and had the opportunity to be more form fitting, this would be a whole different blog post.

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