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SAG Awards 2010 - Top 5 Worst Dressed

Number 1 -

Lucia's Pick: Penelope Cruz in L’Wren Scott

(Photo via Just Jared)

Edie's Pick: Christina Hendricks in Carolina Herrara

(Photo via Just Jared)

Lucia: Penelope please stop trying to impress Sophia Loren. Your young, your hot, please dress with some pizazz. Whilst you do look very pretty I am tired of the black and tired of the nanna length. Your on notice.

Edie: Dowdy, dowdy dowdy. Such a worst dressed repeat offender. Not only does she seem to have the cunning ability to pick colours that clash heinously with her hair colour, but she has managed (again) to pick a dress that's cut in such a way it makes her large chest and curvaceous figure a liability. And really; red shoes with this dress, was it not red enough??

Number 2 -

Lucia's Pick: Justin Timberlake in Dolce & Gabbana

(Photo via Just Jared)

Edie's Pick: Drew Barrymore in Monique Lhuillier

(Photo via Just Jared)

Lucia: Horrible. There are so many amazing suits for men I simply don't understand this choice.

Edie: First thing I thought of when I saw this entire look: Josie-Grossie in Never Been Kissed. Her hair, whilst I'm sure is an attempt at shabby chic, looks more shabby shite. And her make-up: I have never been a fan of a nude lip, but this is beyond that; this is an exact match to her skin tone, resulting in a very distinct lack of lip. Re: The dress I think it would have looked amazing on anyone else, but in this case was completely overshadowed by the entire look.

Number 3 - A mutual decision

Vera Farmiga in J. Mendel

(Photo via Just Jared)

Lucia: Disappointing. Not the best fit for her. Seems to be something strange going on with the top half of her dress.

Edie: There's no chance she could look any more beige (in a bad way) and frumpy. There are no words for what a poor choice this was. The colour against her pale skin ends up making her look pasty instead of elegant and I feel like the fit of this dress isn't flattering for her figure. The gaudy blue eye make-up, matched with orange red lips is surely one for the 'what were they thinking' files, I mean did she do her own make-up?

Number 4 -

Lucia's Pick: Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Dolce & Gabbana

(Photo via Just Jared)

Edie's Pick: Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen

(Photo via Just Jared)

Lucia: Horrible. Not flattering. Too harsh makeup and hair. Hate the mermaid style in this fabric.

Edie: 2 words: Event inappropriate. This dress would be far better served at a movie premiere or even an MTV Awards type event. And sadly, whilst I adore Alexander McQueen I feel like this is a little too science fiction/buggy for me. Her hair looks like some kind of up do from a deep south prom and why doesn't anyone tell her that her hair is a brassy shade of yellow? I'm in pain just looking at it. I'm not a fan of her at all and outfits like this certainly don't help the cause. What I will do though, is give a shout out of love & appreciation for her Pierre Hardy platform sandals. To D.I.E.

Number 5 -

Lucia's Pick: Michelle Monaghan in Calvin Klein

(Photos via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Edie's Pick: Paula Patton in J. Mendel

(Photos via Red Carpet Fashion Awards)

Lucia: Stunning hair. Oh so shiny. I've stared at the dress for half an hour and cannot work it out. What is it made of? Why would such a beautiful woman choose something so shapeless?

Edie: Ok, so I do feel a little bit guilty because I know she's pregnant and all, but in this day and fashion age that's really no excuse. I believe it was this time last year (or the year before), that a very pregnant Jessica Alba wore a grape Marchesa frock with beautiful feather detail around the top and totally knocked it out of the ball park. This really makes Paula look fat, not pregnant. I do love the dress, but think that if it was on a slimmer/non-pregnant person and had the opportunity to be more form fitting, this would be a whole different blog post.

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