Sunday, June 13, 2010

This Bag, My Closet

(Image via Net-A-Porter)

I'm so very much in lust with this mini Leopard print Lanvin bag from Net-A-Porter.
My clothes are generally pretty conservative and though I hate to admit, black.....lots of black! A lot of that is probably a fear of colour and insecurities surrounding my perceived lack of ability to pull off a more outrageous look. 
However. When it comes to shoes and bags, animal prints and bold colour are wonderful and more than make up for my lack of adventure with clothing- it's my way of compromise. To me, shoes and bags are the centre of an outfit - the bolder the better.

So imagine this, a sleek slimline pair of black pants, a floaty black silk blouse, the highest of high Pigalle patent Louboutins, layered gold necklaces and this superb Lanvin bag slung gracefully over my shoulder. 
For now I'm sure you can see how the bag can make the outfit.

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