Friday, March 26, 2010

These Shoes In My Size Please

(Images via Net-A-Porter)

It's been bought to my attention that my taste in shoes centres around the one core theme - Girly high glam.
So my choice of the Balmain buckle boots last week, came as a bit of surprise to some.
Whilst I would love my life to be one big puff of tulle and glitter, sadly it's not always practical - which is why last week you were introduced to a darker shade of my shoe love.

This week, I like to think that these sexy Lanvin chain detail pumps, fall somewhere in between. Whilst technically quite a simple design, there's something so inexplicably sexy about them. Perhaps it's the way the chains drape down the slimmest part of the foot. OR, maybe it's just that I imagine myself wearing these divine shoes, swanning around the streets of Paris with a tall, dark handsome man.....

For the record: In my imagination, this tall handsome man looks a lot like Johnny Depp.

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