Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Need To Talk About This...

(Lindsay Lohan taken by Terry Richardson via Perez Hilton)

We all know that Terry Richardson loves to shock and balances on a very fine line between art and pornography.  His photos have always been thought provoking and to many have been the epitome of  'edgy' and 'cool'.  Unlike many of the 'photography police' that criticise photographers like Bill Henson and Richardson, I have not been one to be easily shocked or disgusted by their photos.  That was until I saw these Lindsay Lohan pictures.  

I am deeply disturbed by them. 

I have seen many shots like this before by Richardson but by using Lohan as the subject removes all traces of edginess and instead is capitalizing on her mistakes and troubles.  Lohan is not a character that has a stable past, where by shooting her like this would mean that these images could be thought provoking or make some sort of statement. Instead by using Lohan, they are simply enabling her current unhealthy behaviour.

Do these images really reflect who she is or are they reflecting how she thinks people want to see her?

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