Monday, March 1, 2010

The Pair That Got Away

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It's August 2007, New York City....a younger 23 year old version of myself had spent the day swanning up and down Madison and 5th Avenue's on the hunt for the perfect pair of shoes (or five), when I find myself in the overwhelming, but glorious shoe department in Barney's. A serious kid in a candy store, type moment.

David my sales man for the day, was only to happy to oblige my every gasp and squeal and was kind enough to shower me with the appropriate compliments: "Oh wow, you HAVE to try those on, they would look a-mah-zing on you!" I mean really, how could I resist?
It's whilst I'm strutting out a pair of black satin Manolo's, that David spies me eyeing off a black suede pair of Christian Louboutin Lapino booties. Staying true to his dedication to have me try on e.v.e.r.y pair of shoes in the store, he brings them out for me to try on. die for....crazy. Amazing.

I'm standing in front of the mirror and I'm falling in love with these booties, but the little devil of self doubt is muttering into my ear: "There's no way you can pull these off Edie, your legs aren't long enough Edie, you're not that fashion forward Edie...." Booties at this point, were yet to explode in Australia and I was hesitant to be one of the first...was I that brave? Was I really that fashion forward?

You get my drift, I had talked myself out of love with these shoes.
I would like to say that I was able to get it together and sneak my way around the self doubt, but sadly this was not one of those moments.
Life lesson learnt: Hindsight is a wonderful thing, looking back now I know that my beloved Louboutin booties and I could have had many an 'out of the ball park' moment, had I just let go of the doubt. They will forever be the pair that got away.

Let this be a cautionary fashion tale to any girl who may be tangled up in a little self doubt...Moral of the story: Ladies, if you love something that much, push aside the fear and BUY IT! For a fashion love like this, comes but once in a lifetime.

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