Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If I Could Be A Muse...

....I would want to be a muse for Alber Elbaz, designer for Lanvin.  His clothes are elegant, cheeky, colourful, simple yet stunning.  Plus he looks like he'd be a hoot to have at a dinner.
If I were his muse we would have breakfast at an achingly cool breakfast spot in Paris, we'd host awesome parties that would become the talk of the town, we'd go to to the movies, check out art and I do all these things wearing the most amazing outfits. 
And the main reason I want to be his muse can be found in his answer to the question posed by journalist Harriet Mays Powell.  When asked What kind of women do you design for? He replied

"I love personalities. I don’t like just pretty girls. The moment I see a woman, my task is to find the piece that, when I put it on her, I will not see the clothes but I see her face. I don’t want to see a dress with a woman. I just want to see a woman.

(Photos via Elle)

Over to you Edie, who would you want to be a muse for?

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