Monday, March 8, 2010


(Images via Just Jared)

Lucia:  After looking at the gowns I've only really got one favourite and the scary thing is it's Miley Cyrus! It kills me to say this but her hair, makeup and dress are all DIVINE. She does need to look at these photos though and see why posture is so important. Get yourself to a Pilates class ASAP.

Edie: The Oscars for me this year had two shut it down moments, one not so surprising and the other completely left of field....
Enter Miley Cyrus: Oh. My. Where did this Jenny Packham come from? Never in her entire career has she looked so elegant and grown up, whilst remaining age appropriate at the same time. The silk bodice with moulded cups and tule skirt combination leaves me breathless and it goes without saying that the discreet sprinkling of glitter over the top half of the skirt is perfection. Standing ovation to her (and Nicole Richie's) stylist Simone Harouche. Sublime.

My second and less shocking moment belongs to Zoe Saldana in Givenchy- H.E.R.O dress. Many will criticise this outfit for the alleged 'toilet roll holder' effect, but I feel that it's time these people get their mind out of the bathroom and focus on how utterly stunning she looks in this dress. It's very easy to wear a beautiful princess gown (a la Cameron Diz in Oscar de la Renta) and be best dressed by way of technicality, but to pull off a slightly over the top, borderline frou-frou gown and turn it into a show stopping moment like this, is a talent on a whole other level. This for me, sums it up: Zoe wore the Givenchy, not the Givenchy wore her.

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