Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hart Styling

(Image via Celebrity Thread)

I couldn't resist posting this photo of Jessica Hart for several reasons: 1. Every single thing about her outfit is cool perfection, 2. She is amazingly beautiful and 3. If for no other reason than she's an Australian and a Melbourne girl at that.
Knowing my style and the limitations that come with that, this is an outfit I could never pull off- edgy/cool just looks false on me- but whenever I see an outfit of this nature I can't help but occasionally dream of creating an eclectic, casual, carefree fashion moment like this.
Jessica's style is to be admired, it's authentic, original, self assured and so uniquely her. For more inspiring   fashion moments you can visit her fantastic blog: Jessica.Hart/Blog

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Amber said...

Hi there,

I've seen you've picked up our gorgeous Jessica Hart photo, that's great! Thank you for crediting us correctly and sending a link back to our home page. We love Jess Hart here!
We've just uploaded another pic of Jess today... check it out http://bit.ly/bWf54F

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