Friday, February 26, 2010

These Shoes In My Size Please

(Images via Net-A-Porter)

It appears  that this week, great minds think alike: Lucia, I adore that you would consider these to die for pumps as a shoe option for your hypothetical wedding - loves.

Is it really any wonder though, alongside your fellow staples the black pump, a good boot (flat and heeled), a cute pair of ballet flats and something of the nude variety...there's the glitter encrusted/crystal option. 
For any girl serious about her shoe collection, these Lady Claude pumps (if you're lucky) or a variation of, are quite simply a must.

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Amy said...

Edie, I think that you are beginning to rub off on me or I am picking up your thoughts by osmosis. This makes me want to cry. Half from wonderment and half from depression. I went to DJ's to have a look yesterday. Then spent the rest of the day mildly depressed about my lack of fortune. One day ladies. One day.

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