Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SAG Awards 2010 - Top 5 Best Dressed

Number 1 -

Lucia's Pick: Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen

(Photos via Just Jared)

Edie's Pick: Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

(Photos via Just Jared)

Lucia: Breathtaking. Surprising. While Sandra looks good most of the time I am never blown away by her choices. BUT this frock, love the simplicity, elegance - I mean look at her waist - the blue details on the top - a serious contender for dress of the year!

Edie: I literally gasped when I saw Diane in this dress... A-mah-zing! I don't really agree with the colour mustard as a whole, which makes this dress even more astounding to me. I mean, if I can evolve past my hang up on the colour and still swoon at the sight of her, it's got to be true love, right. The cut and fit of this dress is perfection. I adore the asymmetrical neckline and the singular sleeve wrapping around her shoulder. Red lips: perfection. Hair: flawless. Body: bananas. I feel a fashion love affair developing....

Number 2 -

Lucia's Pick: Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

Edie's Pick: Marion Cotillard in Elie Saab

(Photos via Just Jared)

Lucia: An open letter to Diane - Oh how you make me swoon. You are my fashion idol. This dress is truly stunning - the fit, the draping sleeve, the train, even the colour! May you go forth and have beautiful little babies with the equally as delightful Joshua.

Edie: Second only to Diane, the thought of Marion on the red carpet excites me more than I care to admit. This beaded Elie Saab frock is SO stunning. I love that she kept her hair and make-up quite simple with this look, as I feel that the dress is enough of a statement on it's own. It always amuses me when people wear white, that there's this tendency to over tan and the fact that Marion went for just a little bit of colour says a lot to her fashion sensibility. Ok, so I really do hate to say this, but I can't stand the shoes...the platform, the colour- I would have liked to have seen a pop of colour or even a daintier shoe - these platforms seem a little casual for the rest of the look.

Number 3 -

Lucia: Lea Michele in Catherine Malandrino

(Photos via Just Jared)

Edie: Dianna Agron in Edition by Georges Chakra

(Photos via Just Jared)

Lucia: I am starting to take notice. Lovely colour for her hair and skin tone. Elegant for such a young person. Keep it up.

Edie: It's all about the Glee girls for our number 3 picks and I have to say, they've both shut it down for their first ever SAG awards! Dianna looks so elegant and beautiful, whilst managing to keep her look age appropriate. My only wish would be that she wore a red lip, rather than a deep berry, I think it would have made a beautiful contrast to the black and white in the dress. Whilst still young, I feel like she's one to watch.

Number 4 -

Lucia: Kyra Sedgwick in Vera Wang

(Photos via Just Jared)

Edie: Christina Applegate in Roberto Cavalli

(Photos via Just Jared)

Lucia: How does she do it! Love the fact that after SO many awards seasons(yes she has been in the biz a long time), after children, she shuts it down almost every time. An underrated fashion winner. Hollywood take note - this is how you age GRACEFULLY!

Edie: I surprised myself with this choice. I never really die for blue, especially not a wishy washy shade like this, but the back of this dress and her hair won me over: WOW. The low, softly draped back with diamante detail, leading down to a train, is so old school romantic glamour it kills me. I would even go so far as to say that I could see someone like Grace Kelly in this dress.

Number 5 -

Lucia's Pick: Helen Mirren (designer unknown)

(Photos via Just Jared)

Edie's Pick: Kyra Sedgwick in Vera Wang

Lucia: See above comment. Beautiful.

Edie: Now this, is how you age gracefully people! This dress is perfection for her body and I love the tulle sash, with embroidered detail on the hip. So simple, so elegant and love me the subtle ruffle detail around the lower half of the dress. Superb.

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