Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Would Like Some Answers...

Nicole Kidman constantly baffles me. For all the hype surrounding her, I don't understand how people can ignore the fact that she gets it wrong on so many occasions. Actually, if I was prone to exaggeration (which I am), I would go so far as to say on EVERY occasion.
Case in point: Grammy Awards Vs. SAG's - Did she mix up the dates in her BlackBerry? Because I feel like the boho inspired Oscar de la Renta gown worn to the SAG's is more event appropriate for the Grammy's and that the Black Prada worn to the Grammy's would have been much better suited to the SAG's.
I would love to have been privy to the thought process that went into choosing these gowns. I guess what I really want to know is, was there even a thought process?!
I'm not feeling this boho vibe on her either, it seems a little laboured. Really, lets be honest: when was the last time you met a free spirited bohemian with a face full of Botox?

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