Monday, December 27, 2010

My Mini Obsession for 2010...

Around this time of year there will be post upon post of top 10's for 2010 - top 10 movies, top 10 albums, or top 10 best dressed of the year.  My Top 10 list is a list of my obsessions for 2010 - the things that I couldn't stop thinking about, or couldn't stop googling or talking about. So here is the list in no particular order (raking obsessions is like having a favourite child, impossible because each one is comes to you at different stages of your life!)

  • Michael C Hall - 2010 saw me declare that Michael C Hall is my favourite TV actor of all time. His performances in Six Feet Under and Dexter cement him as an incredible actor and the way he inhabits his characters. Amazing.
  • Eyebrows - This year saw me finally understand the power of a good brow.  Now eyebrows are the first things I notice on people!
  • Real Estate - Obsessed, angry, lusting - a lot of words capture the feelings of what 2101 was like for real estate. No new home as I write this but I hold hope for 2011...
  • Kate Bosworth - Has continued to up her style anti this year - love her fashion choices, often very simple, elegant and what I like to call "lady like". This is how I would love to dress
  • Bill Cunningham's New York - Stand out documentary of the year. Track it down. Watch it.
  • Blogs - Of course I would become obsessed with blogs - but this year I was drawn to blogs like Frontliners and Design Sponge which showcase people's homes. I have always loved a sticky beak into people houses and these blogs have feed my obsessions very nicely.
  • Gardening - This year saw me buy 3 gardening books AND actually have healthy, growing indoor and outdoor plants. I think my black thumb has gone.
  • Kanye West - What's not to love! Someone who can back up his outlandish behaviour with groundbreaking music. Go get this new album, if only for the song that has the line 'let's have a toast to the douchbags...'
  • Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small Cool Spaces - Best book of the year. Inspiring interior spaces for those of us in small dwellings.
  • Michelle Williams - an actress who I believe will only get better and better and one that I will be sure to watch in every film she does.  But what really cemented my mini obsession was her recent interview promoting Blue Valentine, where she spoke with such poise, grace and was so composed(and yes I loved the film)
There you have it folks. What were  you into in 2010?

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