Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award...

Thanks to the lovely ladies from Le Tigre Papillon for spreading some blogging love by adding us to their list of blogs for the Beautiful Blogger Award. It was a lovely surprise.

So here goes with our list of ten things about us and ten fabulous blogs to pass the love on.  Here goes:

Ten things about us:
  1. We spend 20% of our work day talking fashion
  2. Lucia has an obscene amount of magazines at home
  3. Edie collects Vogue's as artwork
  4. We L.O.V.E our family and friends
  5. In times of high stress, we love to dance it out to Fergie's 'London Bridge'
  6. At last count, Edie has 4 pairs of Louboutin's
  7. It took the death of 4 cactus plants before Lucia had one survive her black thumb
  8. We L.O.V.E passionately, almost to the point of borderline obsessions
  9. Edie is destined to marry Tom Ford
  10. Lucia is currently obsessed with eyebrows

Ten blogs we are reading this week:


Ames and Tash said...

Lucky 7!

MaisieDays said...

Yay!! Made the list....Love your beautiful blog, seasons greetings to all...xx

Lucia said...

Thanks to you lovely ladies for reading our blog! Sometimes its been the only thing to keep me going. Merry Christmas x

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