Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Unspoken Hero

(Image via Net-A-Porter)

A I was browsing through my most favouritest online boutique, Net-A-Porter, I stumbled across this absolutely amazing YSL Muse tote in a cream cracked leather finish. Quite simply, I want one!!

I had the opportunity to buy a YSL Muse back in 2007 on a trip to New York. Battling through an internal debate over the Dior Gaucho or YSL Muse, I opted to buy the Gaucho. Whilst I have never regretted the decision, (J'Adore my Dior), I will forever have a soft spot for the Muse.

Then I got to thinking, my blog posts tend to revolve predominantly around my love of shoes...but if I'm to be honest, my love of bags is on an equal level.  So why have I neglected to post on them until now? It's hard to say... but one things for certain, all that's about to change.

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