Friday, April 30, 2010

These Shoes In My Size Please

(Images via fashionjunkii)

Whilst not entirely a new shoe vision (Valentino, Paris Spring/Summer 2010), after a tough week full of a little less joy than normal, I felt the need to break out with something that is so utterly me and so obscenely glamorous it could only help to lift my funk.

These heels are so unashamedly high glam, representing femininity via the lace and incorporating the tiniest bit of 'edge' via the black. They are literally like the sexiest of lingerie for feet. But then what else would you expect from a collaboration with one of the worlds most famous Miliners, Philip Treacy and Valentino?

If you're lucky enough to be able to wear a pair of these magnificent heels, the outfit must be discreet because it will be about nothing but the shoes!

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