Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Favourite Vogue

(Image via British Vogue)

At a dear friends house last night, I had the pleasure of flicking through every issue of Australian Vogue since January 2005. Totally in my element (as you can imagine), I was reminded that Vogue is without a doubt my favourite publication. Above and beyond that, my favourite Vogue, the one I get most excited about, has to be British Vogue.

There's something about it that excites me more than the others; it might be because it has a less commercial and clean cut vibe than US Vogue. Or perhaps it's that the editorials in comparison to Australian Vogue, are so much more polished and lust worthy....but if I really think about it, for me it's the style of writing that never fails to engage me - It is literally cover to cover worthy.

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