Thursday, September 2, 2010

My First Fashion Show...

...I have just attended my first runway show at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and can I be 13 for a was so cool!! Loved the atmosphere, and what really was surprising is how different the clothes do look when they are on the runway. You see the fluidity of the soft fabrics, the fall of a heavier leather pieces, the way a simple embellishment can dazzle you.  

My three standouts are a simple suit by Yeojin Bae. I loves the clean lines and rock'n'roll edge.   A gown by Lisa Ho which has one of my favourite necklines (the image above does not do this justice) and a magical Akira white gown that flowed beautifully and my simple words can not do it justice.  (If I can find a picture on the web I'll post it later)

I hope this was the first of many fashion shows to come.

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