Thursday, October 28, 2010

Please Read This Brilliant Piece Written By And About Edie...

Edie has completed her Bachelor of Gorgeousness (hons) and is currently completing her Doctorate of Shoes (high fashion), focusing mainly on the nurturing and growth of her ‘Shoe-drobe’ and the effects it has on the quality of life. Her past experience as an extraordinarily charismatic and attractive young lady, has lead her to believe that above all else (specifically further education of the serious kind), high fashion is what matters. Looking into the future Edie plans to help those less fortunate by establishing a not for profit organisation that provides amazing clothes to those who cannot otherwise access them.

Can you all see know just how fabulous she is! Seriously have to love someone that can come up with this brilliance under pressure.

1 comment:

Edie said...

Haha, I'm blushing right now - thank you!

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