Friday, March 18, 2011

These Shoes In My Size Please

(Image via Serious Luxury)

Dear Mr Jacobs,

Let me start by saying congratulations! Kitchy animal shoes (or anything kitchy for that matter) are not usually my thing, but these Louis Vuitton Zebra heels having me swooning all over my Friday. Div-ine, but you know that right. I mean, it was your genius that envisaged these glorious heels in the first place.

Obviously I need to own both variations of this shoe- particularly the scarlet and gold.
Summer may be over here in Melbourne, but I promise to love and wear these heels anyway. I am also more than willing to have you fly me over to the seasonally appropriate New York and/or Paris where I will faithfully wear these sandals on their streets as well.

I'm a size 38 and will be awaiting their arrival with baited breath.

As always, me and my shoe-drobe are incredibly grateful for you and the talent you chose to share with the world.

Love E xx

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