Monday, November 1, 2010

What A Nightmare..

Goodness did I have a crazy dream last night!
Whilst my dreams are not something I wouldn't normally share with you, in this instance I couldn't resist, for I think Lucia would be amused...

This nightmare centred around a wedding. My wedding. A wedding that I didn't know was happening until the morning of, where I discovered that Mum had organised the whole thing and that everyone else knew, but me. Horrifying.
I knew that I was engaged, so it was not like a surprise arranged wedding, but I also knew that I needed time before we actually married. 
I'm sure any bride understands, how awful it would be to have to get ready for the biggest day of your life in two hours having had no say in any of the arrangements, dress, shoes, venue, flowers AND to top it all off I had to do my own hair and make up!!
Having set the scene for you, the part I distinctly remember most is watching the florists deliver the bouquets- which were awful- turning to Mum, tears streaming down my face and screaming: "this whole wedding is a disaster, the flowers are horrible. My god, what will Lucia think, she will be so disappointed in me!"

Lucia, of course I know you would never judge me, but I do know how you love your weddings and I'm not going to lie, I would want my wedding to be one of the ones that touches your heart x

1 comment:

Lucia said...

That is one scary dream! p.s even if you had carnations I would love your wedding because you would be the most amazing bride, no matter what you wore or what flowers you had.xo

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