Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Valentino Moment

(Image via BlackLOG)

Today is the day. Today is Valentino day.

You can imagine my disappointment quite a few months ago, upon discovering that Valentino's retrospective was A.) not coming to the fashion capital that is my home, Melbourne and B.) was exclusive to the GoMA in Brisbane (?) No disrespect BrisVegas peeps, but Melbourne is the centre of the world, how did this even happen!

Having said this, you can now go ahead and imagine my delight, when a family wedding was scheduled for this exact weekend, leaving me some Saturday leisure time that could only be spent with an abundance of iconic, amazing, genius, inspiring couture.
I. Am. Going. To. Valentino.

if I go a little mad OR get arrested for trying to touch the clothes, don't judge, it's not my fault. This is one of those moments in life where you cannot be held accountable for your actions.
Of course, apologies in advance to my loving, supportive parents who will be coming with me because I asked them to and because Dad's a cultural connoisseur...or something like that (his words).

I'm quite sure that this is how some people feel when they see the Mona Lisa or Picasso's work....Valentino's genius up close and in personal - I need a new word for excited.

(Image via Remember Love)

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